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Compliance with the NETCC

In order to help raise industry standards and give consumers the confidence to purchase new energy tech, ensuring Approved Sellers continue to comply with the NETCC is critical. The Administrator and Code Monitoring and Compliance Panel are responsible for monitoring compliance with the NETCC. Details of this monitoring and its outcomes will be published in the coming months.

In the first few months following the launch of the NETCC program, retailers will be supported to understand and enact their obligations under the NETCC.

Find out more about our complaints procedures below.

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Lodge a complaint

If an Approved Seller is doing the wrong thing, we want to hear about it. Follow these steps if you have an issue with a retailer.

Making a complaint
Solar retailers

How we investigate complaints

If we receive a complaint against an Approved Seller, we will conduct our investigations in accordance with our NETCC Complaints Policy and NETCC Complaints Procedure. Find out more on the links below.

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Compliance activity (coming soon)

In order to help raise standards in the new energy tech sector, the Administrator will provide regular updates on the number of applications received, approved or rejected, as well as information on breaches by Approved Sellers and any suspensions.

We will be publishing this compliance data on this page.

Compliance Activity