NETCC finance options

Providing finance under the NETCC

New energy tech can be purchased in more ways than ever before. The NETCC seeks to protect consumers, no matter how they pay

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Offering deferred payment options

New Energy Tech Approved Sellers may only offer consumers deferred payment arrangements through a credit provider that:

  • is licensed under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act (2009)(Cth)(“NCCPA”) and the deferred payment arrangement is regulated by the NCCPA and the National Credit Code (NCC); or
  • has had its deferred payment contract and internal policies approved by the NETCC Administrator, in accordance with A7 of the NETCC Annexure
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How to apply and fees

Finance providers with offerings not regulated by the NCCPA and NCC can submit an application to the Administrator and the Finance Delegate to have their deferred payment arrangement approved. This means that New Energy Tech Approved Sellers will be able to offer your deferred payment contract to your consumers.

To begin the application process please send a request to the Administrator at [email protected] and CC [email protected] and ensure that you review clause A7 of the NETCC for compliance with your documentation.

You will be required to submit your deferred payment contract, policies and procedures for review and pay a fee of $2,500. Please note this fee was set by the Finance Delegate.

Should the decision be made to refuse approval, the decision can be appealed to the external Code Compliance and Monitoring Panel as per Clause A8 of the NETCC.

For any questions about deferred payments please contact [email protected].